Manning on Manning – a Compliment from my Brother

Manning on Manning – a Compliment from my Brother

September 23rd, 2009 // 12:29 pm @

Manning on Manning – a Compliment from my Brother

Just the other day, my brother said to me, “You know, I see a lot of Peyton in You”  I said thanks, taking for an obvious compliment, I then ask what he meant.

And, he had been listening to Steve Young on ESPN analyze various players and commented that Peyton is ‘always in a hurry to get things done, he takes every single yard and play seriously.’

Now, Peyton is as calm as can be “in the pocket” so what Steve meant was not “rushed” but “in a hurry” as in URGENT – everything is URGENT – and must happen NOW!

Success, as in Scoring points in Football, IS URGENT.

In fact, right now, ask yourself – “What Are You In A Hurry To Do – Right Now!”

I sure hope, for your sake, there is something

Talking with my Private Coaching and Mastermind Members this past Monday on my Monthly Call-In Day – a couple of them said they feel “overwhelmed” with all they have to do.

I said – “THAT’S GREAT” – That means they are doing something.

Just look around You – anyone, doing anything, that leads to Success – is in a hurry to get it done.  Success and Money live by DEADLINES and thrive with SPEED.

So, I very much appreciate my Brother’s compliment that he sees the same sense of URGENCY in me, that Steve Young commented on in Peyton Manning.

And as much as I wish it were this easy – trust me – it doesn’t run in the last name – you’ve got to create it, embrace it, nurture it, accept it, and thrive off of it!

I know You’ve got a lot of things You want to accomplish, success you are chasing, people you want to help, Money you want to make – so by golly, make it important enough that you are RUSHING to get it done.

I just betcha’ that would resonate with Peyton too.

Make your list of things you are in a hurry to do… and step on it.

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