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Scott Manning has had significant impact on business from across the country.  From re-invigorating recession-beaten companies to taking from-scratch-businesses to 7 figure earnings – he’s done it all.

Below, you will hear from some of these entrepreneurs and business owners.

A Story of Gratitude from Luke Russell

Posted on Sept. 13th, 2011

A Friend and a Coach – Scott Manning

I met Scott exactly a year ago.

Scott is an example entrepreneur. He achieves extremely high success, is very approachable, and is down-to-earth.  Scott is an example to a lot of people, and he influences so many entrepreneurs. Scott gets what it means to share his knowledge and do his best for his clients.

I hired Scott in January at one of his lowest tiers and since then have been coerced happily signed bigger contracts. ;) Really, I’ve happily given Scott more and more money. An interesting attribute of Scott’s is his money vending machine-like nature. What I mean by that is, the more money you pay Scott, the more money you make. I’m serious. Scott is completely focused on and concerned with his clients’ success.

As a client and entrepreneur, Scott is a true gift.  He is brilliantly sharp and makes his world happen and takes as many people as he can with him.

On the other hand, Scott is a great friend.  He is considerate, kind, caring, and compassionate, all powerful qualities that everyone should strive for.  And he has no issue mixing the world of business and fun and building relationships.

Scott extends an enormous amount of attention and focus to those around him and he never stops to amaze me on how someone who has so much on his plate is so willing to stop and help others.

Scott, thank you for your friendship and support in business. You are an incredible example, which I enjoy following along with the many others following you too. I am grateful for meeting you last year and am very excited to get to know you over the coming decades.

Here’s to success!

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