Why Million Dollar Methods? At the end of the day after all, why are we here?  It’s not to come in with customers.  It’s not even to make a little bit more money.  It’s really to go back to the reason, the purpose, the passion behind why you became an business owner, dentists, or entrepreneur, and to reawaken the vision and the mission and the drive that you have to do that.

You see, every day, you and I wake up and we go out into the filed and we do battle to build our businesses and practices, and the world is in a conspiracy to stop us dead in our tracks and to ruin our goals and destroy our plans and to make doing business very difficult.

That’s why we have a saying that the business owner is the loneliest person on the planet.  Who is it really that you go out every day and share your big crazy dreams with, all these crazy ideas that you drum up in the middle of the night and you want to go out in the world and do to make a living.

There’s nobody going to understand them and be able to help you unless they are one of you and because of Million Dollar Methods, you are very fortunate to have an opportunity each and every month to be in the same place as link minded people.  We want you to come back to a to add tools and resources to your success toolbox so you can go out and do things bigger, better, and faster.



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"We have improved our business by leaps and bounds. We have, in the past 3 months, doubled our gross income... Thanks to Scott!"

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